Dues for the Briarbend Community Improvement Association (BCIA) are not fixed. The dues are decided each year based on an approved budget. The Board of Directors is responsible for creating a budget, estimating the dues, and presenting them to the Briarbend homeowners. The homeowners must approve the proposed budget and dues in order for them to take effect the following fiscal year.

If the BCIA ever needs money, whether it be for a special project or simply to cover existing expenses, the community can vote for a special assessment. This is intended to be a stopgap measure only and is rarely used. For more information on this subject, please refer to the Briarbend Constitution and By-Laws.

Current Dues and Assessments

In accordance with the Deed Restrictions, a $25 per month late fee is charged when late with annual dues or assessments. Please contact the Treasurer with any questions about your payment. Send your check payable to Briarbend Community Improvement Association to the address listed below.

Attn: Treasurer
P.O. Box 572836
Houston, TX 77257