Yard of the Month



Briarbend July 2016 Yard of The Month

The Yard of the Month award is given to

neighbors in recognition of their efforts to
maintain and provide attention toward their
yard. As Briarbend neighbors maintain and
improve their properties, our property values
remain strong and our surroundings are all
the more enjoyable for everyone.

Briarbend June 2016 Yard of The Month
Briarbend May 2016 Yard of The Month

Yard of the Month awards are chosen
by the Beautification Committee. These
are usually awarded every month and
are noted by the placement of a sign in
the yard.

Cornelius Sponsorship

Cornelius Nursery, located at 2233 S.
Voss Road, is the exclusive sponsor of
Briarbend’s Yard of the Month award.
This means that Briarbend is able to
offer Cornelius’ expert garden tips,
coupons and a monthly award to our
Yard of the Month winners. Thanks to
Cornelius for their partnership!